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Estimated Ship Date: November 2024*

*Pre-orders qualify for a full refund if the estimated shipment date is not met.

The bundle includes two interior devices and one exterior sensor

The Interior Device

  • Installed underneath a kitchen or secondary sink such as bathroom or mudroom

  • Connects to the hot and cold water lines and drain line

  • Automatic dripping based on exterior temperature readings

  • DC Power and/or battery operated

  • Arctic mode designed for extreme cold temperatures designed to preserve unnecessary water consumption


The Exterior Sensor

  • Installed outside within 80 feet of the interior device

  • Measures ambient temperatures

  • Communicates temperature readings every 15 minutes

  • Battery operated

Double DripLet Bundle

$349.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
Estimated Ship Date: November 2024*
  • You Save $150 per Double DripLet Bundle


  • Free US Shipping

    All orders qualify for free ground shipping within the continental United States.

*Orders experiencing shipment delays beyond November 2024 will be eligible for a full refund upon request.

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