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The first automatic solution to faucet dripping that protects against pipe bursts during freezing temperatures

Patented device designed to prevent burst pipes from resulting in hefty insurance claims.

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Dripping your faucet supply can significantly mitigate the risk of pipe bursts. The DripLet takes this preventative measure to the next level by automating the process when freezing temperatures are detected. Our recommendation is to install at least one DripLet interior device on each floor of your home, including the basement.

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Pay $5 and receive a $25 discount on your first order once it's in stock! 

Early Bird

One interior device and one exterior sensor

Early Bird Plus

Two interior devices and one exterior sensor

Early Bird Supreme

Three interior devices and one exterior sensor

The Interior Device

  • Installed underneath a kitchen or secondary sink such as bathroom or mudroom

  • Connects to the hot and cold water lines and the drain line

  • Turns water dripping on and off automatically based on the exterior sensor’s temperature readings

  • Powered by electricity (with battery back up) or battery

  • Interior temperature reading backup


The Exterior Sensor

  • Installed outside within 80 feet of the interior device

  • Measures ambient temperatures

  • Communicates temperature readings every 15 minutes

  • Powered by battery

Easily install the devices and then set and forget. Your home is automatically protected.

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